Bang Bang: Playing The Role of "Jackie" At The Magnus Theatre

It has been a crazy year for my career in the acting field, and the roles just keep on coming!

I am pleased to announce that I will be joining the cast of "Bang Bang" by Kat Sandler in the role of "Jackie". Off the initial read he reminds me of Tracy Morgan's character from 30 Rock...but we'll see what I draw for inspiration!

The play follows a police officer who shoots an unarmed Black youth and consequently...a white playwright then draws inspiration from the real-life events for his new play. Significantly complicating the matter is the fact that the police officer is also Black - and the dramatic interpretation of what went down varies significantly from what really happened. When the play is optioned for a movie, the playwright decides to pay a visit to the former police officer to mitigate any potential backlash.

Sounds like a "banger" to me! (Corn, I know)

The play runs from Sept 6 - 22 at the Magnus Theatre in Thunder Bay for more information and to buy ticket's please visit or click on the post link.

Tarick Glancy