FundraiseHER - My Spoken Word: "Between a Rock and a Hard Place"

Did you know I do more than just acting? Two weeks ago I had the pleasure performing my own spoken word piece at Kayla Christyne Gerber's, "FunraiseHER". It was a great night of performance, art and poetry. Take a read of my piece down below!

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

I'll be honest
I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place
When it comes to colonialism,
My black people and the issue of race.

Cause' while I refute massa,
And the history he wrote,
At the same time, I'm not gonna lie,
I'm pretty glad my ancestors got on the boat.

I know, I know,
It go sound like a sin to yuh,
But I'd rather be right here
Then over in In-di-a.

If it all never happened,
Then I could never be,
Mixed people have no nation,
And in the end, we just wanna be we.

But more so I'm sayin’ this for truth,
While ya'll skinnin up yuh teeth,
Cause even though I'm angry with massa,
I am equally vex with the African chief!

To be adjacent is to be complacent.
And I can't ignore your role,
In selling off my people,
While selling out your soul.

And I'm calling you out too Raj!
You and Queen Vic had a deal,
Give em’ a contract they can't read,
I heard it makes them easier to steal.

So how can I blame massa alone,
When we layin’ out the facts,
Rastaman say saggle to de East,
Me? I'ma saggle mi ras right back.

What I really want to say to colonialism is – “thank you”,
You have served a greater purpose,
You've created the most unique opportunity,
Available on mother earth's surface.

Thank you for carnival!
Dougla gyal!
Reggae and soca!
I swear only in the West Indies will you find Ghanian’s makin’ baigan choka!

But for real though,
This is where the wisdoms of the world now meet,
Wit de man deh pon d corner,
And out ina de street.

True we were molded through violence,
But we are driven by the need to heal,
And a baby can't be born,
Without a painful ordeal,

We are freedom in creating something new,
Beyond culture, religion & race,
So I say go ahead,
And freely appropriate.

Be honest in where you stand,
Self crucifixion is key,
If your actually interested in,
Breaking down a slave mentality.

Between a rock and a hard place,
I am happy where we now roam,
And although it isn't perfect,
This old rock is our new home.


Tarick Glancy