The proof is in the Puddy



Artist/Director - www.deannabowen.ca

"Tarick performed several roles in my recent project The Long Doorway, and he was an absolute pleasure to collaborate with. I especially appreciated Tarick’s commitment to researching and developing his characters and his quick response to directing notes. He’s an earnest and hard working actor who thinks on his feet and that flexibility made a world of difference on set. He’s a supportive and generous team player that I will undoubtedly work with in the future"



Actor/Director/Writer - https://www.imdb.com/name/nm8036101/ - https://vimeo.com/217700469

"When I did my casting, I chose Tarick without hesitation based on his show reel, and it was a big surprise on set because I received more than I was expecting. Tarick performed as a professional actor - very motivated, available, reactive, and creative. He is good at listening and comprehends things quickly. The role wasn't obvious, and Tarick was attentive and modest towards his partner Mylène Thériault"


ausar stewart

Actor/Director/Voice Speech & Communications Coach - York University - http://freeingyourvoice.ca/

"As an experienced arts educator, I can say with confidence Tarick shows great promise. He displays all the qualities one would want to see as a young performer. His wit, compassion, and fierce curiosity combine into a compelling natural presence" 


sasky louison

The woman from the radio station/Actor/Writer - Dario Et La Diablesse

"I did not expect Mr. Glancy to possess the level of dedication and commitment as he did, seeing as he had never acted before [...] he proved not only to be a naturally gifted actor, but a naturally gifted leader as well"




Director - http://www.misplacdframs.com/ - http://maneeosman.com/

"I've worked with Tarick on 3 projects (one being a feature length film, "Forever Gone") and working with Tarick has been a pleasure. His dedication to his craft is evident from the moment he steps in front of the camera"



Owner - The Light - http://www.lighthouse-productions.com/

"In our opinion Tarick is by far one of the most dedicated performers I have worked with. During our time spent with him, we were impressed by his desire to completely immerse himself in his performances"